Maps and Icons
Provide Easy Intro to
Muslim-Friendly Restaurants and Hotels


First app of its kind in Japan, designed especially for Muslim visitors using smartphones

Lets you confirm each establishment’s Muslim-friendly service levels at a glance via icons

Shows search results on a map

Shows navigation routes to shops (for stores with fee-based contracts)


Selection of search terms
Search results displayed in a list
Search results shown on a map
Detailed establishment information
Establishment location shown on a map
Information on recommended eshtablishment

How to Use

Enables searching by category and area
Displays search results in a list
Shows search results on a map
Provides a list of recommended eshtablishments
Shows your list of favorite eshtablishments
Shows locations of establishments on a map
Lets you share information on establishments with others
Adds establishments to your favorites list
Removes establishments from your favorites list
More Info.
Shows more detailed information (when available)
Shows navigation to establishments

24 Muslim-Friendly Icons


Officialy Halal cerified


Muslim staff
Japanese staff with knowledge of Islamic customs
Dedicated rooms for Muslim guests
Muslim-appropriate rooms can be reserved
Qibla direction indicated
Dedicated area for salat
Items for prayer available on request
Facilities provided for ceremonial cleansing


Muslim restaurant owner
Muslim chef(s)
Halal-certified meat
Vegetarian dishes available
Pork-free dishes available
No alcohol used in cooking
No alcoholic beverages served
Alcohol served separately
Halal seasonings used
Separate kitchens for food preparation
Dedicated cooking utensils for halal food
Dedicated cutlery for halal food
Disposable eating utensils provided
Food ingredients are indicated
English menu is available