Kansai Restaurant and Hotel Guide App for Muslims


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Introducing a Muslim-Friendly App!
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to Find Muslim-Friendly Services in Kansai!

The Osaka Muslim & Vegetarian Map is a smartphone app that lists and introduces “Muslim-friendly” restaurants and hotels based on our original survey. Since Muslim-friendly service levels for each establishment can be confirmed at a glance via icons and text, this app can help users decide which restaurants and hotels to try while also offering them peace of mind.

More information

What do we mean by “Muslim-friendly”?

 Although strictly halal services are hard to come by in Japan, businesses here can still obtain basic knowledge about Islam (and about halal practices) and make efforts to accommodate Muslim travelers. Hence, we define establishments as “Muslim-friendly” if they offer products or services designed specifically with Muslim customers in mind. Please note that the scope and quality of these services may differ from that found in officially halal-certified establishments.

How to Register Your Establishment

The Kansai Muslim Friendly Guide will be updated on a regular basis. If you wish to register your establishment on this app, please contact us using the link below. The cost of basic registration is 5,000 yen.

Become a Recommended Shop

Registering your establishment as a recommended shop will effectively boost your establishment’s profile by listing detailed information and providing navigation services. This is a fee-based service.